Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Amy Bosley

Shortly before 5 am on May 17, 2005 Campbell County Kentucky 911 call center received a frantic call from Amy Bosley...
Amy Bosley: Someone is breaking into my house and my husband is fighting with him
911:What was that ma'am
Amy Bosley: Someone is breaking into my house and my husband....
NO! You cant go up there..It's my kids
911: Where are they? Where are they at ma'am?
phone disconnects..
911 hello? ma'am..
Amy Bosley: yes?
911: Alright, is he is the house now?
Amy Bosley: He just left but he shot my husband. Oh my God, he shot my husband!!
911: he shot your husband?
Amy Bosley: Yes! Oh my God!
Moments later a patrolman arrived at the Bosleys cabin. Amy Bosley tells him, He shot my husband, he shot my husband! She tells him the intruder fled out the back door. The patrolman pushes past her and there, lying on the bed is Bob Bosley riddled with bullets. His lips were blue..he was dead. He was face down on the bed, shot 7 times. when the detectives came...they knew it didn't look right. Made for TV crime scene. Too perfect..

Okay..give me a fricken break!! I listened to the call and copied down exactly what she said..first of all..what killer is going to let her sit on the phone and call 911? And when she says, No! you can't go up there! It's my kids..umm..that shows that he was right there where she was and he let her stay on the phone? For real? Seriously...OMG...when I listened to her 911 call..I KNEW she did it..I just knew..and I know..no one can say how another person reacts to tragedy...but I could just tell she was lying and the whole call was fake..

Well to say the least, she got caught..when the police went outside to see where the intruder ran off to, the grass had dew on it and it wasn't disturbed. When they were searching through her home, they found...wrapped up in a towel in the washer full of detergent, shell casings. They matched the gun that he was shot with. But they never said if they found the gun..hmm..I wondered about that.

It turns out that since she was the office manager for her husbands business, she was taking all the money that was supposed to be used to pay taxes. the IRS don't play that..so they kept calling and calling trying to get a meeting with her and her husband. he had no idea what was going on because she had all his cell phone calls forwarded to her phone and had all the mail going to a PO box with instructions that only she could retrieve the mail. her husband knew something was going on, but didn't know what. He was also considering a divorce. Well, she shot him and made sure he was dead. the money that she was pilfering from the business was over a million dollars..and with a plea bargain, she will be out of prison is about 15 years or so..so I'm sure when she gets out, she will disappear and be a very rich woman.

I don't get it. She was married to this man for 15 years, they had two kids..and I'm sorry..but any amount of money would not be worth my husbands life. And even if she hated him, any amount of money is not worth the gamble that you may end up going to court for days, weeks even years on end fighting for your freedom and ultimately end up in prison. It just wouldn't be worth it to me. I mean, even though she didn't get life, she is still giving up 15 years of her life for this money that HIS family will probably fight her for because they got stuck with the bill to the IRS..I think it was 1.7 million dollars..so really? Do you think they don't know she has that money hidden someplace? They will find it and have every right to take it from her. So it would have all been for nothing. Seriously stupid people..And WTH is UP with all these women in Kentucky that kill thier husbands? Really! Kentucky should be known as the domestic murder state.


  1. Please change the color of the text. Cant read the yellow on white background. I was looking forward to reading your blog!

  2. I agree with shaunarommie! The colour scheme is hectic on the optic nerves!!

  3. From what I've read about this "woman," it was all about greed and narcissism. The marriage of 15 years was going fine because she was getting away with stealing money and doing whatever she wanted with it. I don't think she hated her husband, I think she's narcissistic, thinks she's supposed to get whatever she wants, and when she was about to be exposed, she murdered the father of her children. A true sociopath. The 15 year sentence is outrageous.

  4. Unable to read the yellow lettering. I was really looking toward to reading your blog, but I'm half blind as it is.